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MiSewer - Wastewater Management

MiSewer is a specialised analytics platform designed to monitor and manage the performance of sewer networks.

Alerts set for rises in sewer levels and over flows in relation to rainfall

Identify the Causes of Sewer Overflow

MiSewer uses information from local catchment rainfall to correlate sewer levels, and help detect and prevent the causes of sewer overflows, including chokes, rainwater inflow, groundwater infiltration and tidal inflows.

Plan and Monitor Preventative Maintenance

MiSewer helps operators and engineers plan preventative maintenance programs such as smoke-testing, resealing manholes, relining pipes and flushing sewer lines.  MiSewer also helps monitor the effectiveness of these maintenance programs to better manage maintenance programs in the future.


Sewer Level Monitoring

Using the data from low-cost sensors including level sensors, rain gauges, weather monitoring devices, odour and gas sensors, the MiSewer application can assist in understanding the performance of the network and help identify the root-causes and locations of inflow and infiltration. 

Detect and Prevent Sewer Overflow

Using a network of fixed location, low-cost, low-power sewer levels sensors, MiSewer can identify patterns of sewer levels, and detect unexpected rises in the sewer manholes before there is a discharge event and they impact the public.

Mapping sewer levels across the network provides spatial context for understanding the performance of the network.


Identify fluctuations in the network. For example a rugby game sees an increase in flow over a couple of hours

Identify the effect of rainfall on the sewer network