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MiWater Key Benefits

Designed from the ground up for
Smart Water Meter Data

MiWater was developed from the ground-up in Australia with the specific purpose of providing a complete solution to the challenges of managing a fleet of smart meters.

MiWater has been developed to handle the processes and analysis that are unique to the water utility sector and different from metering in other utilities.

MiWater supports the processes of installing and maintaining a fleet of digital meters.

Managing a fleet of digital meters and AMR devices provides different challenges from a fleet of mechanical meters. MiWater handles the collecting, processing and the quality assurance of installation records and asset data.

Further, MiWater provides automation and data validation that provides the highest level of quality assurance and avoids costly in-field revisits and rework.

MiWater is Optimised for Efficient Operation

Any manual operation, no matter how simple, can become overwhelming when there is a million water meters to manage.

MiWater provides automation at every step of the system lifecycle; from installation to maintenance, operation and replacement.

The field installation tablet optimises the installation process and automatically stores data and QA records directly into MiWater.

MiWater’sdata analysis system automatically identifies and flags leaks, high consumption, zero consumption and communications issues.

The MiWater Customer Portal automatically manages the process of end-user self-registration.  While this may feature might be handled by the SAP Customer Portal, the core modules in MiWater are available for re-use if needed.

Automatic Leak Detection

MiWater’s leak-detection algorithms identify leaks in a customer’s property, and can automatically notify customers via letter, email or SMS according to the customer’s preferences, and the utility’s policies.

Automatic notification of leaks has a direct impact on water demand, as customers will fix leaks that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

MiWater also provides DMA mass-balance analysis to help identify network leaks, unmetered consumption and other sources of non revenue water.  

Demand Management through changing behaviour

One of MiWater’sstrongest benefits is the way that sharing water consumption data with consumers in near real-time provides a closed-loop feedback mechanism that allows consumers to see what behaviours lead to high water consumption.  This immediate feedback is the most effective way of permanently changing consumption demands, and MiWater provides this as an automated feature that runs continuously, without manual effort required from the utility.

Software as a Service

MiWater is provided as a Software-as-a-Service with hosting, maintenance, updates and upgrades included in the annual fee.

MiWater undergoes continuous development and improvement and adapts to the quickly changing market in the smart water sector.

Data Interoperability

While MiWater is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of the digital meter fleet, it also provides open APIs to provide integration with other critical business systems in the utility including asset management, identity management and billing systems for example.

MiWater also supports all commonly used digital metering data standards in use in Australia and will continue to support new metering technologies as they are introduced, making MiWater a future-proof MDM decision.

Safe and Secure

The MiWater application is hosted and managed in Australia, and no data leaves the Australian jurisdiction. This would be similar for international utilities that data would be managed and stored locally.

MiWater is architected from the ground-up with security in mind, and provides granular access control to protect the privacy and data of the utility and its customers.

MiWater is subjected to expert, independent security analysis and penetration testing every year.

Made in Australia

Developed in Australia in conjunction with over a dozen Australian water utilities, MiWater meets the uniquely Australian needs of water utilities.

This offers the opportunity to influence future development of the software.